All going OK!


All seems ok but?
I still can’t feel my left side of my head and ear which is weird?
It feels really strange when you lie down, like lying on a brick!
The cut is healing ok just a little bleeding and a little tender.
I didn’t sleep that good last night even in my own bed, I had been hoping that I would be like sleeping beauty!
Fingers crossed for tonight x
I have so many people asking what I have had done, when I explain they say my friend, sister, husband etc can’t hear in one ear to, do think a Baha is for them?
Ask your Dr for a referral and find out? What have you got to lose?
Fingers crossed that sleep is good tonight.
Sam x

What is a Baha?

What is a Baha?

A bone-anchored hearing aid (abbreviated to BAHA) is a type of hearing aid based on bone conduction. It is primarily suited for people who have conductive hearing losses, unilateral hearing loss, single sided deafness and people with mixed hearing losses who cannot otherwise wear ‘in the ear’ or ‘behind the ear’ hearing aids. They are more expensive than conventional hearing aids, and their placement involves invasive surgery.


What does it look like?

This is the processor that I will wear. It just sticks on with the magnet that is hidden under the skin. You don’t sleep with it or swim, shower etc. At least I will still be able to sleep on my good ear and hear nothing! And if kids are to noisy I can just take it off!


So how does the Baha 4 Attract System work?

A small titanium implant is inserted in the bone behind your ear. The implant magnet is attached and completely hidden beneath the skin. A sound processor is then attached to a sound processor magnet. Sound is transmitted as vibrations from the processor via the magnets to the implant, which then directs them through the bone to stimulate the inner ear.

Baha 4 Attract System


Who makes the Baha?

Cochlear is the world leader in the use of bone conduction. For more than 35 years, Baha bone conduction implants have connected people to the world of sound. With the Baha System, Cochlear provides people of all ages with superior hearing performance and innovative design features that represent the best in bone conduction hearing solutions. 

What is a Baha classed as for health Insurance?

When I looked into this I was surprised to know that the Baha is classed as a Cochlear Implant and as a prosthetic? Who would have thought?

They recommend insuring the processor under your house insurance as they are worth $6500!!!!

Nice bit of bling behind my ear; wish it came with diamonds as well!

My kids and Hubby are calling me the Bionic Women!! Look out !

Sam x

A long night!

Last night was a very long one. My head felt like it was going to explod. The compression bandages were there to stop the swelling but my goodness they were tight. It didn’t matter which way I lied down or what ever medication I took my head keep pounding. Finally at 4.30am nurses took the bandages off and what a relief. 2 hours sleep yah!

My hair was like a stiff board very stunning. Apparently is it full of KY jelly to hold it back? Who would have thought!!
Kelvin came in this morning to have a look and explained that surgery was a great success. He is very excited as am I to have the new Baha magnet system. I will go and see him again in 2 weeks then a week later if all healed my fabulous Baha processor will be attached. WOW!!

I will explain a bit more of how it works in a few days as it is really amazing.

Sam x

My new undercut hairdo!

My new undercut hairdo!

At least Kelvin is awake!

At least Kelvin is awake!

Looking great!

A very long day as only now back in room and it’s 6.00pm. Looks like I will be spending the night in hospital fingers crossed that I can get some sleep.

Surgery was 1 1/4 hours and all went well. Kelvin was very excited to be trying out the new Baha along with all the surgical team and nurses. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when bandages come off tomorrow. 

Dinner has arrive ham and cheese sandwich and after no food since 10 last night I think I will even eat it!!! I am really hungry. Not to much pain as have a mixture of things so feeling very very relaxed.

Can’t wait for a good night sleep if that is possible in hospital,at least I have my own room.

Little worried how the new undercut hair do will look! Lucky that it is the latest fashion hair style. 

Sam xImage

The Big Day has arrived !

Nice shoes

Nice shoes

Looking hot!

Looking hot!

The big day has arrived!

Feeling rather hungry as have not been able to eat or drink since midnight. Had weird dreams all night so feeling a little tired. At least they will put me to sleep in a little to catch up.
My stomach is churning and I am very anxious. My hubby brought me to hospital to check in, still not sure if I will be staying overnight. As I am the first one to have the new Baha fitted all is a little unknown. Fingers crossed that I get to go home.

Arrived at 9.30 surgery suppose to be 11.30 already know it will be later. 6 other ladies in the waiting room all looking glamorous in hospital gowns hats and shoes I even have the white compression socks on!!! Looking hot !! TV on and we are trying not to watch any shows with food, as we are all starving.

Sam x

My Baha journey starts tomorrow!

Before my Baha

Before my Baha

My Baha journey starts tomorrow!

I am excited, nervous and petrified all at the same time. I have had no hearing in my left ear for 44 years. I made a new years resolution in 2013 that I would find out if anyone or anything could help me to hear again.

I was getting very frustrated that I had to ask everyone to repeat what they had just said. It is very frustrating missing half the conversation and then pretending that I heard it all just so no one has to repeat it. I always try to lip read when people are taking but sometimes this makes people uncomfortable that I am looking at their mouth. My kid are frustrated that they have to repeat everything especially when I am driving or if there is any background noise.

I made the appointment with my Dr and got the referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist (ENT), lucky for me it was Dr Kelvin Kong. He organized for me to have hearing tests and scans to determine the hearing loss and see to see what was going on with my ear. At the hearing tests they suggested that a Baha would be great for me. I tried one there and couldn’t believe that I could hear in my left ear. I left there in a daze of wonder and fear.

I went back to Kelvin who confirmed that the Baha would work for me. He said go home and think about it and talk to your family. I then became slightly obsessed to find someone with a Baha. Whenever I was out I kept looking at the side of peoples heads to find the illusive Baha! One night I did! With the help of my hubby we spoke to gentleman who had had his for 6 years. He loved it!

Christmas game and went and I was still trying to decide if this was for me. I kept thinking what happens if I don’t like it, if it will be to loud, how much hair will they shave and if people will stare at me.

Two months ago I meet a lady at work who’s girlfriend has had a Baha for 3 years. She was a similar age, with children and no hearing in her left ear.I called her with a page full of questions. In the end she said, “Why wouldn’t you do anything to help you hear again”. What have you got to lose?

I had made the decision. I picked up the phone and booked it in! Tomorrow is the big day!

One year after I had my hearing tests!

I will be Dr Kelvin Kong first patient to have the new Baha 4 Attract System

I will let you know how I go! Wish me luck!

Sam x