My Baha journey starts tomorrow!

Before my Baha

Before my Baha

My Baha journey starts tomorrow!

I am excited, nervous and petrified all at the same time. I have had no hearing in my left ear for 44 years. I made a new years resolution in 2013 that I would find out if anyone or anything could help me to hear again.

I was getting very frustrated that I had to ask everyone to repeat what they had just said. It is very frustrating missing half the conversation and then pretending that I heard it all just so no one has to repeat it. I always try to lip read when people are taking but sometimes this makes people uncomfortable that I am looking at their mouth. My kid are frustrated that they have to repeat everything especially when I am driving or if there is any background noise.

I made the appointment with my Dr and got the referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist (ENT), lucky for me it was Dr Kelvin Kong. He organized for me to have hearing tests and scans to determine the hearing loss and see to see what was going on with my ear. At the hearing tests they suggested that a Baha would be great for me. I tried one there and couldn’t believe that I could hear in my left ear. I left there in a daze of wonder and fear.

I went back to Kelvin who confirmed that the Baha would work for me. He said go home and think about it and talk to your family. I then became slightly obsessed to find someone with a Baha. Whenever I was out I kept looking at the side of peoples heads to find the illusive Baha! One night I did! With the help of my hubby we spoke to gentleman who had had his for 6 years. He loved it!

Christmas game and went and I was still trying to decide if this was for me. I kept thinking what happens if I don’t like it, if it will be to loud, how much hair will they shave and if people will stare at me.

Two months ago I meet a lady at work who’s girlfriend has had a Baha for 3 years. She was a similar age, with children and no hearing in her left ear.I called her with a page full of questions. In the end she said, “Why wouldn’t you do anything to help you hear again”. What have you got to lose?

I had made the decision. I picked up the phone and booked it in! Tomorrow is the big day!

One year after I had my hearing tests!

I will be Dr Kelvin Kong first patient to have the new Baha 4 Attract System

I will let you know how I go! Wish me luck!

Sam x

4 responses to “My Baha journey starts tomorrow!

  1. Bec

    So very proud of you my darling friend . So excited for you to be able to hear in both ears very soon . Something we all take for granted .
    The world will be a louder place for you very soon.
    Bec xxxx

  2. Jenni & Mick

    I felt so excited for you reading the beginning of your story this morning we have been so very fortunate to be able to share this journey with you and can’t begin to know how you must be feeling and the wonder meant of being able to fully hear after so many years. Good luck today I am feeling a little nervous for you myself as I am writing this and will be thinking of you all day! xx💋

  3. Lindy

    You are amazing sam and it’s people like you who make the commitment to do something positive to change your situation , that ultimately help others to do the same. Love your blog and YOU! Go gurrl! Thinking of you every step of the way. Xxx

  4. Lindy

    Such a brave and exciting journey! We are all here for you ! Your blog is fantastic and your story has already touched and encouraged a mutual friend! Xxx go gorgeous.

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