A long night!

Last night was a very long one. My head felt like it was going to explod. The compression bandages were there to stop the swelling but my goodness they were tight. It didn’t matter which way I lied down or what ever medication I took my head keep pounding. Finally at 4.30am nurses took the bandages off and what a relief. 2 hours sleep yah!

My hair was like a stiff board very stunning. Apparently is it full of KY jelly to hold it back? Who would have thought!!
Kelvin came in this morning to have a look and explained that surgery was a great success. He is very excited as am I to have the new Baha magnet system. I will go and see him again in 2 weeks then a week later if all healed my fabulous Baha processor will be attached. WOW!!

I will explain a bit more of how it works in a few days as it is really amazing.

Sam x

My new undercut hairdo!

My new undercut hairdo!

At least Kelvin is awake!

At least Kelvin is awake!

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