Looking great!

A very long day as only now back in room and it’s 6.00pm. Looks like I will be spending the night in hospital fingers crossed that I can get some sleep.

Surgery was 1 1/4 hours and all went well. Kelvin was very excited to be trying out the new Baha along with all the surgical team and nurses. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when bandages come off tomorrow. 

Dinner has arrive ham and cheese sandwich and after no food since 10 last night I think I will even eat it!!! I am really hungry. Not to much pain as have a mixture of things so feeling very very relaxed.

Can’t wait for a good night sleep if that is possible in hospital,at least I have my own room.

Little worried how the new undercut hair do will look! Lucky that it is the latest fashion hair style. 

Sam xImage

One response to “Looking great!

  1. Leanne

    Hi Sam,
    Looking gorgeous!!
    So proud of you going through with your Baha procedure. There’s a whole new world of hearing ahead of you, very well done!! Really excited for the final outcome.
    Leanne xxx

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