The Big Day has arrived !

Nice shoes

Nice shoes

Looking hot!

Looking hot!

The big day has arrived!

Feeling rather hungry as have not been able to eat or drink since midnight. Had weird dreams all night so feeling a little tired. At least they will put me to sleep in a little to catch up.
My stomach is churning and I am very anxious. My hubby brought me to hospital to check in, still not sure if I will be staying overnight. As I am the first one to have the new Baha fitted all is a little unknown. Fingers crossed that I get to go home.

Arrived at 9.30 surgery suppose to be 11.30 already know it will be later. 6 other ladies in the waiting room all looking glamorous in hospital gowns hats and shoes I even have the white compression socks on!!! Looking hot !! TV on and we are trying not to watch any shows with food, as we are all starving.

Sam x

3 responses to “The Big Day has arrived !

  1. Bec

    Just spoke to you and your all done . Will see you tomorrow 🙂

  2. Bec

    Ps . You look so hot right now Rhonda ….. Your journey is already touching people ….. Mylee sends her love .

  3. Lindy

    Sam, You are amazing and a total inspiration. It’s people like you who will encourage and help others to follow suit! I have butterflies for you but know you will be on the road to 100% hearing. What a wonderful new world that will be. Xxx

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