It’s going to take time!

Everyone always say’s that things take time, and that’s what it is going to take to get use to my Baha!

I was away last weekend with Hubby and friends so excited that I would hear everything!
I tested it in all situations, in the car, in the shops, out for dinner, out for drinks and just walking along taking. I used the remote control all the time as it is easier to change programs and volume, then trying to push the tiny buttons on the top of the Baha.

I am not sure what I expected, maybe more noise!
I was very confused as I could’t really tell any difference!

I think I was expecting to much straight away. A couple of times I didnt’t even feel my Baha fall off my head! Lucky I was wearing the safety string that attaches to your Baha and you can then clip it to your clothing or like me to my hair. It is a clear fishing line string so if you have long or mid length hair you can easily hide it and know one knows, but it really gives you peace of mind as it is an expensive little piece the Baha to loose!

After an emotional weekend not knowing if my Baha was really making any difference I went back to the audiologist Denise with lots of questions and doubt.

She was fabulous and very understanding and explained that it is going to take time and that I will never actually hear out of my left ear but I can hear what is happening on my left side! Thats what my Baha is there for.

I need to learn to listen and not just hear! This will take time as I have not had any sound on my left side for so long. Denise adjusted the volumes and settings and then suggested a test where she would read out sentences and I had to repeat what I had heard back to her.

With an ear plug and extra pressure from my finger in my good ear (so I was sure I could’t hear anything), and eyes closed so I couldn’t lip read. Denise then turned off the Baha and read out the sentences.

I repeated what I could and only got 5/50 words right! Not very Good.
Then Denise turned the Baha back on and read out difference sentences. I still had my good ear blocked and eyes closed so I was fully relying on the Baha.
To my amazement I scored 45/50!!!!! WOW

This really gave me new hope and a very positive feeling that my journey so far had been worth it.
I go back again next week to Denise for more tests this time in the sound proof room where she is going to add background noise.

I am feeling lots better about my Baha and how it is helping me to hear.
It is going to take time!
I just have to keep telling myself that!
Sam x

Mixed emotions!

I have now had my Baha for 1 week tomorrow!

Yes I have noticed a slight difference in my hearing in my left ear but not much.
I still can’t hear anyone on the left side taking to me which is very disheartening!

As I said last time it is an on going process so tomorrow I am going back the the audiologist to find out how we can fix it!

When I first had it fitted and adjusted I think I was scared that everything would be to loud. I have been adjusting the settings to the loudest volume and I can’t notice the difference, so help is really needed.

Fingers crossed that it will be as simple as plugging me and my Baha back into the computer and resetting it.

I was dreaming of a miracle, it just hasn’t happened yet, but I am sure it will.
Good things sometimes take time!

Sam x

Fitting the Baha !

Fitting the Baha takes time !! Even weeks!

First you have to determine what strength of battery that works best to keep the Baha attached to your head? Sounds strange I know!

I tried a few and ended up with the 4 to start with. It feels a little strange when it first connects with the battery! I could describe it is as a warm pressure or heat !! I know that sounds sounds weird. The higher the battery number the more connect power it has. You have to remember that my head is still swollen, so the battery has to go through the swollen skin to the battery. As the swelling goes down and the skin thins out it will create a better connection and therefore I will need a lower battery.

I was very worried about what it would feel like for it to attach and disconnect but you really can’t feel it. I didn’t know how I would find the correct position but the battery really does it on is own as it pulls it self to the correct place. Strange!!

You have to slowly extend the time that you use your Baha, because it creates pressure on the skin. I can only wear it for an hour or two at the moment as I start to get a head ache behind my ear where it attaches.

Not sure what to expect this weekend as I will be away so will test my new Baha out in different settings to see how I can hear. Very excited to see what happens.
Sam x



My New Baha!

Words can not describe the feeling today when my Baha was switched on!
It was very emotional and I was lost for words.
I had a friend film it all so that I could take it all in.
There was so much information and parts!
I now have a huge Cochlear bag filled with all my Baha things! Who knew!

I have spare batteries, pads,boxes for storage of baha,spare magnets, storage key rings for batteries, Baha drying box and a larger bag to put it all in!

My bag of things!

My bag of things!

 I took 2 hours this morning to have my Baha fitted and go through all in information.

I am a bit overwhelmed with all the information but I am sure that it will all make sense over the next few days and weeks.

I have so much to learn.!


What a Day!

I will keep you posted

Sam xx

Switch on tomorrow!!

I can’t believe tomorrow is the day!

The last 3weeks have flown bye.

My main thoughts have been,
What if I don’t like it?
Will everything and everyone be to loud?

I will find out the answers tomorrow!!
Sam x

2 Sleeps to go!

Now I am really nervous!

2 Sleeps to go!

My head is still numb, very tender and sensitive. The cut is almost healed but have a lump under the skin which I presume is the magnets? ( very Star Trek )

I am off on a trip this weekend and am not sure what will happen at the airport security check? I think I get a card to show security but will keep you posted.

So very excited!

Sam xx

Two weeks after operation!

2 Weeks ago I had the surgery and the cut is starting to look a lot better.
I didn’t know that my hair grew so fast!
Now it just looks like I have decided to grow out my undercut.
It has not been to bad, as with long hair you can cover it over I think it would be harder with short hair!
My head is still super sensitive as the nerves are trying to repair.

6 sleeps to go!!! I can’t wait!

Sam xx

Hair grows fast !

Hair grows fast !

All systems go!

I had my check up today with Kelvin Kong and all is looking good.

I was very concerned that I still couldn’t feel my head, and it is so very very sensitive.

Kelvin explained that this is all normal as they have to cut the nerves when they were inserting the implant and magnets, it will just take time for them to heal. Sometimes it can be up to a year!!! Oh No!

It feels so weird when you brush your hair and you can not feel it, then you hit a sensitive spot and nearly go through the roof.

I have tried my hair up, down and 1/2 way and no way is really better, even trying to lie on my left side to sleep is to uncomfortable.

This time next week I will be wired for sound so to speak! I am so excited but terrified all at the same time.!

I know it is going to take a while to get use to my Baha but I have waited long enough to hear so bring it on I say!

Sam x


I am going to be wireless and bluetooth!

How good is this Baha going to be?

I am able to get a small, light-weight device, called  the Phone Clip,this will give me  a hands-free connection to friends and family. Phone calls will be more comfortable as the sound is streamed straight from my  sound processor, and I can answer and adjust the volume with just a click of a button.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 4.50.47 pm

Hands-free streaming directly from the phone to you.

In the car or on the go, you can leave your phone in your pocket or bag, and enjoy the convenience and safety of hands-free calling. The small and light-weight device can easily be clipped onto clothing, so you can take it wherever you go.


Cut out background noise so you can focus on the conversation.

If you have trouble hearing on the phone due to background noise you’ll love the Phone Clip. You are able to block out surrounding noise so you – and the person you’re talking to – can enjoy comfortable conversations even in noisy places.


Remotely utilise voice commands on smartphones.

Mobile phones are getting smarter by the day, and advanced voice control technology is increasingly becoming standard. With the Phone Clip, you can take advantage of these functionalities that let you, for example, use your voice to compose and send text messages.

Sam x

Ps Still can’t feel my head very weird!!

Called Kelvin and he said that is completely normal.

How it all began?

I do not remember a time when I was little that I didn’t have cotton wool in my ears as I had another ear infection. I did spend my whole summer swimming at the bottom of the pool this probably didn’t help.

I only found out that I had a loss of hearing in my left ear when the nurse came around to the school in year 1 and did the basic hearing and eye tests. Remember that? We use to have the nurses that visited the school 2 times a year.

From there I went for more hearing tests  and specialists to see what was going on. I never really had a answer.

My parents tried everything to find out why and what could be done. In year 4 my hearing had deteriorated again in my left ear so we started the process again, more hearing tests and specialist still with no real answer. They recommend hearing aids, so I started to grow my hair to cover my ears. The big day arrived, and went. They decided that the hearing aids would not help me at all?

So instead of getting hearing aids I went and had my hair cut and my ears pierced instead!! So much better.

Every few years I would go through the same process only to find out that I had lost more hearing in my left ear and still no answer to why and how to fix it. I let it go for a long, long time in the hope that technology would finally invent something that might help me. I would watch advertisement about some invisible hearing aids and listen to friends recommend different things, but nothing was going to work on me.

That brings me to today, and technology has finally caught up and invented the amazing Baha!

Fingers crossed that it is my answer but I am extremely nervous that the world is going to be really loud!!

Not what I am use to at all.

Sam x

Looking better 1week after surgery

Looking better 1week after surgery