What will it be like to?

What will it be like to ??

Not to have to walk on the left hand side of everyone?

Not to make my friends walk on my right hand side?

To be able to sit anywhere at a table and not plan out where I need to sit to hear?

To be able to answer the phone with my left ear?

To hear my husbands amazing surround sound speaker systems?

To be able to drive and hear the passanger talking to me?

To hopefully know what direction someone is calling me from instead of turning around in circles in the hope that you will find them?

To understand and hear a whole conversation and not pretend that I have?

To not have to try and lip read when anyone is talking?

To maybe need two earphones instead of one?

These are just a few of the thousands of questions that are going through my head !
Sam x

One response to “What will it be like to?

  1. Paula couper-shone

    Awesome Sam! Hope you recover quickly. Talk soon. Pxx

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