How it all began?

I do not remember a time when I was little that I didn’t have cotton wool in my ears as I had another ear infection. I did spend my whole summer swimming at the bottom of the pool this probably didn’t help.

I only found out that I had a loss of hearing in my left ear when the nurse came around to the school in year 1 and did the basic hearing and eye tests. Remember that? We use to have the nurses that visited the school 2 times a year.

From there I went for more hearing tests  and specialists to see what was going on. I never really had a answer.

My parents tried everything to find out why and what could be done. In year 4 my hearing had deteriorated again in my left ear so we started the process again, more hearing tests and specialist still with no real answer. They recommend hearing aids, so I started to grow my hair to cover my ears. The big day arrived, and went. They decided that the hearing aids would not help me at all?

So instead of getting hearing aids I went and had my hair cut and my ears pierced instead!! So much better.

Every few years I would go through the same process only to find out that I had lost more hearing in my left ear and still no answer to why and how to fix it. I let it go for a long, long time in the hope that technology would finally invent something that might help me. I would watch advertisement about some invisible hearing aids and listen to friends recommend different things, but nothing was going to work on me.

That brings me to today, and technology has finally caught up and invented the amazing Baha!

Fingers crossed that it is my answer but I am extremely nervous that the world is going to be really loud!!

Not what I am use to at all.

Sam x

Looking better 1week after surgery

Looking better 1week after surgery


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