All systems go!

I had my check up today with Kelvin Kong and all is looking good.

I was very concerned that I still couldn’t feel my head, and it is so very very sensitive.

Kelvin explained that this is all normal as they have to cut the nerves when they were inserting the implant and magnets, it will just take time for them to heal. Sometimes it can be up to a year!!! Oh No!

It feels so weird when you brush your hair and you can not feel it, then you hit a sensitive spot and nearly go through the roof.

I have tried my hair up, down and 1/2 way and no way is really better, even trying to lie on my left side to sleep is to uncomfortable.

This time next week I will be wired for sound so to speak! I am so excited but terrified all at the same time.!

I know it is going to take a while to get use to my Baha but I have waited long enough to hear so bring it on I say!

Sam x


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