Fitting the Baha !

Fitting the Baha takes time !! Even weeks!

First you have to determine what strength of battery that works best to keep the Baha attached to your head? Sounds strange I know!

I tried a few and ended up with the 4 to start with. It feels a little strange when it first connects with the battery! I could describe it is as a warm pressure or heat !! I know that sounds sounds weird. The higher the battery number the more connect power it has. You have to remember that my head is still swollen, so the battery has to go through the swollen skin to the battery. As the swelling goes down and the skin thins out it will create a better connection and therefore I will need a lower battery.

I was very worried about what it would feel like for it to attach and disconnect but you really can’t feel it. I didn’t know how I would find the correct position but the battery really does it on is own as it pulls it self to the correct place. Strange!!

You have to slowly extend the time that you use your Baha, because it creates pressure on the skin. I can only wear it for an hour or two at the moment as I start to get a head ache behind my ear where it attaches.

Not sure what to expect this weekend as I will be away so will test my new Baha out in different settings to see how I can hear. Very excited to see what happens.
Sam x

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