It’s going to take time!

Everyone always say’s that things take time, and that’s what it is going to take to get use to my Baha!

I was away last weekend with Hubby and friends so excited that I would hear everything!
I tested it in all situations, in the car, in the shops, out for dinner, out for drinks and just walking along taking. I used the remote control all the time as it is easier to change programs and volume, then trying to push the tiny buttons on the top of the Baha.

I am not sure what I expected, maybe more noise!
I was very confused as I could’t really tell any difference!

I think I was expecting to much straight away. A couple of times I didnt’t even feel my Baha fall off my head! Lucky I was wearing the safety string that attaches to your Baha and you can then clip it to your clothing or like me to my hair. It is a clear fishing line string so if you have long or mid length hair you can easily hide it and know one knows, but it really gives you peace of mind as it is an expensive little piece the Baha to loose!

After an emotional weekend not knowing if my Baha was really making any difference I went back to the audiologist Denise with lots of questions and doubt.

She was fabulous and very understanding and explained that it is going to take time and that I will never actually hear out of my left ear but I can hear what is happening on my left side! Thats what my Baha is there for.

I need to learn to listen and not just hear! This will take time as I have not had any sound on my left side for so long. Denise adjusted the volumes and settings and then suggested a test where she would read out sentences and I had to repeat what I had heard back to her.

With an ear plug and extra pressure from my finger in my good ear (so I was sure I could’t hear anything), and eyes closed so I couldn’t lip read. Denise then turned off the Baha and read out the sentences.

I repeated what I could and only got 5/50 words right! Not very Good.
Then Denise turned the Baha back on and read out difference sentences. I still had my good ear blocked and eyes closed so I was fully relying on the Baha.
To my amazement I scored 45/50!!!!! WOW

This really gave me new hope and a very positive feeling that my journey so far had been worth it.
I go back again next week to Denise for more tests this time in the sound proof room where she is going to add background noise.

I am feeling lots better about my Baha and how it is helping me to hear.
It is going to take time!
I just have to keep telling myself that!
Sam x

6 responses to “It’s going to take time!

  1. It’s so exciting to follow your journey with the Baha Attract System! Continue to keep posting, and if you have any questions you can always ask us at

  2. Sounds a very big journey Sam and an emotional one at that. Well done on taking the plunge, I’m sure it will make the difference that you are hoping for. Sadly will miss you at Conference as away this year (and stuffed up my dates). Look forward to seeing the “new and improved” you in Sept. xx

  3. HR

    Hi Sam, thanks for sharing your BAHA journey! I came across a link to your blog from the BAHA blog. I just had my BAHA Attract implant surgery last Wednesday. Things are healing well (aside from the weird numbness and sensitivity you described) and my doctor thinks I can get my sound processor switched on in 4 weeks. I’m very excited but also a little nervous after reading your last couple of posts. I’m kind of curious to know if you tried out the BAHA with the softband to test it out before you decided to move forward with the surgery? If yes, are you noticing an improvement over what you heard with the soft band, is it pretty similar, or not even close to what you remember? Thanks in advance for your response! 🙂

  4. Tina

    Thank You Sam for your story. I have been deaf in my right ear for 14 years and have now decided to go through with the BAHA surgery. My problem is that my ENT is letting me decide if I want the abutment or the magnet. How did you come to your decision if you don’t mind me asking. I am in Canberra, Australia.

    • Hi Tina,
      Thankyou for reading my blog.
      I decided on the Magnet as the abutment scared me out a little!
      The magnet surgery leaves a bigger scare but when you take your Baha off there is nothing really there as the hair will grow back over the scare.
      With the abutment it will always be there like a bolt on your head!
      But that’s just me really it is up to you, if you get the abutment and in a few years you want the magnet you can do that.
      Hope this helps.
      Let me know what you decide.
      Sam x

      • Tina

        Thanks Sam,I am see – sawing between options,lol.
        Understand about the bolt sticking out of your head.I have read and my ENT said that there is a difference of about 7db in sound strength between the magnet and the abutment, the abutment gives a bit better hearing than the magnet, still not having hearing in my right ear means that any hearing I have will be a bonus right.
        It has been such a help to read your blog, thank you.Its a great point you make about listening and hearing,
        I tested a processor on a band over the Xmas break and spent most of the time just focussing on the extra sounds I was hearing and not really believing it, ie, maybe I have been hearing this stuff all the time but now I am focussed more on it because of the band
        .I look forward to reading more about your experiences. Tina.

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