Keeping the Baha Safe!

This is now the first thing that goes in my hand bag everyday.
The little travel case that keeps everything safe. I have a spare cushion pad for the magnet, spare battery and the battery changing tool!


And of course the remote control is in my bag to. I find it easier to adjust the volume and change settings with the remote then trying to push the tiny buttons on the Baha.


8 responses to “Keeping the Baha Safe!

  1. Tina

    Hi Sam,I hope your BAHA is getting easier to wear for longer periods. I read on another blog that a guy in the UK was wearing his BAHA without the soft pad, thoughts? I go back to the ENT on the 17th where he will give me the results of my last MRI and hopefully say that I can have the Attract and not the Connect. Becsuse there was no reason for my sudden deafness 14 years ago he wanted a current MRI to rule out any nueroma etc.

    • Hi,
      My Baha is getting easier to wear especially with the weaker magnet.
      I don’t think it would be very comfortable without the soft pad, but I suppose it would depend on how long he has had the attract Baha. Over time the skin thins over the magnet so you keep going down in magnet strength, the pad just moulds to your head better as your head is not a flat surface.
      Good luck with your results, either way any of the Baha’s will be an improvement for you and your hearing.
      Let me know how you go.
      Sam x

  2. Shoma

    Hi Sam,

    I am in the process of researching the BAHA Attract. I have been deaf in my left ear for 10 years and haven’t pulled the plug so far due to not wanting the abutment. Thanks SO much for posting your experience – it is very helpful for folks like me who are starting the research process. Would you mind sharing the following:

    1. How long did it take for the incision site to heal?
    2. Do you experience any pain on your incision site and at what point did the surgery pain stop
    3. What are the daily maintenance required for the BAHA Attract (device and incision site)
    4. How long are you able to wear the BAHA without feeling discomfort?
    5. Do you feel that getting the BAHA Attract has significantly improved your lifestyle?


    • Hi
      Thanks so much for reading my blog.
      In answer to your questions.
      1. The cut took about 3 weeks to heal and the stitches to disappear. I had to put an ointment on the cut ( conjunctivitis cream ) . An amazing ointment.
      2. Pain was ok. The bandages after surgery was what caused the pain and pressure and once they were removed it was so much better. I couldn’t lie in my left side for about 4 weeks as it felt like I was lying on a brick as my head was numb. It is still numb but I can now lie this side.
      3. No real up keep on the attract system only straight after surgery with the ointment that they give you and gentle rinsing and patting dry when you have a shower while the stitches are still there.
      4. I am now wearing my Baha for about 7 hours at a times after that the pressure from the magnet gives me a head ache. When I first had it attached I could only wear it for a couple hours as same as now the pressure from the magnet caused a head ache.
      5. I did question if I had made the best decision in the first few weeks but now I am noticing the difference. It is going to take time and I keep telling myself that I will
      Never hear in my left ear but now I can hear what is happening on my left side.
      My logic was I had nothing to lose only sound to gain and I certainly have that it is just going to take time for adjustments.
      Hope this has helped
      Sam x

      • Shoma

        Thanks so much for the information! I am moving forward with getting the surgery at the end of the month. Like you said…”I have nothing to lose only sound to gain” 🙂

  3. That’s fantastic news please let me know how you go.

  4. Emma

    Hi Sam

    Where did you get your travel case from? I can’t see it on the Cochlear store.


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