Blu Tack!

I went back to see Kelvin yesterday and he was very happy with how I am going.

As soon as I arrived he blocked my good ear with Blu Tack so I couldn’t hear anything from that side. I did the whole appointment  relying on my Baha to hear from and it worked.

It would be a great idea to do this if your are thinking that the Baha is not making a difference. Block up you good ear for a couple of hours one day and hear what a difference your Baha is making.

The wound is healing very well, I just need to keep it moist so that the cut line will heal more. He said you can really use any thing now so Paw Paw is what I have been using.



4 responses to “Blu Tack!

  1. Tina

    Hi Sam,
    Did you get the feedback situation sorted? I will certainly be remembering the blutack trick. I have my surgery on the 10th Sept for the BAHA Attract – YAY- I think. It will be my ENT surgeons first attract.Scared and nervous but excited at the same time.My husband doesn’t think I really need it so I am hoping to prove him wrong. Are you still happy? Tina

  2. Hi Tina,
    It was my surgeons first attract surgery too.
    I go back to audiologist next week so am going to ask about the feedback issue.
    I am very happy with my Baha sometimes I still wonder if it makes a difference, then other times I really notice the difference it makes. I have to keep remembering that it is going to take time for my brain to relearn to hear.
    So excited for you and your surgery.
    Sam xx

  3. Hildur

    I want to ask you, I have a BAHA one myself but not with the magnet and im trying to decide wether to get the magnet one or another one like i have (I have a titanium screw in my head instead of the magnet).

    Does the magnet really keep it in place or are you ofter afraid to loose it?
    I’m soo afraid that my hair vill be in the way of the magnet (got long thick hair) so that it’s not going to be safe for the Baha. I don’t want to to fall on the floor and brake.

    Looking forward to hear from you!!

    • Hi,
      I have not had a very good result with my Baha. I have not been wearing it for 4 months as I really can’t say it makes any difference.
      I would recommend staying with what you have as you get a better connection with the abutment that you have.
      With the attract you would need to wear a saftey clip. It is only small it is a fishing line that attaches to the Baha processor with a clip on the end that you can either clip on your clothes or I use to clip to my hair. I had to wear it all the time as i did not know if the Baha had been knocked off my head and the processor is a little to expensive to have it dropping on the floor or worst still losing it.
      The magnet does work and you have different strengths of magnet that you will go through as the skin thins over the metal plate.
      If you are not having any problems with what you have I would not change. The surgery to swap over will create more scar tissue and they will shave your head again behind your ear 😦 for the surgery. Cochlear suggested that I should go back to the abutment in the hope that it would create a better connection buy my DR said he wouldn’t to it because he didn’t believe that it would help.
      I am now just waiting for technology to hopefully create a processor bigger that may help without the feedback.
      I hope this has helped and sorry if it is not the news you wanted to hear.
      In the end it is your decision of course. If I can help anymore just let me know.

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